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Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac 70cl
Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac 70cl
Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac 70cl
Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac 70cl
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Spirit Type: Cognac

Country: France

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 70cl


If you enjoy cognac, you should add a bottle of this to your collection and broaden your knowledge of the spirit. Try this cognac if you don't often drink it; you could change your mind.

The only significant family-owned cognac house left in the world is Camus. Established in 1863, it is currently held by the fifth generation of the Camus family and is situated on a lovely estate with a charming Chateau that is still owned by the family and is used as a tasting room, meeting place, and location for some epic feasts. Here is a link to some of our images from visits to Camus.

Camus produces a variety of expressions and ages, but this is undoubtedly one of the more distinctive ones because it originates from the Borderies Cognac Appellation, a region of cognac designated by the AOC that is located far away from where most cognacs that Americans are familiar with are produced and is infrequently seen in the United States.

The soil contains a lot more clay than the nearly solid chalk soil of the more central growth area, which enhances the violet and nuttiness notes in a Borderies cognac. Copper-colored in the bottle and gold in the glass, it swirls to leave a light, silky, and oily coating on the glass. As the meniscus drops, tiny droplets and stars appear.

Deep, syrupy, spicy, and sap-like. It has many layers and is flavorful, nutty, and spicy. In your nose, sweetness and flavor that is both aromatic and thick are waiting to be unwrapped. Delicious cognac with nutty, caramel, grape, and hints of allspice flavors that is far more nuanced and multi-layered than a lot of other cognacs. The tongue is tenderly embraced by an oily, satiny mouthfeel.

It makes for a beautiful and intricate Sidecar. Also goes well in a French 75 with champagne. Do not disregard this one as a sipper in a good-tasting glass either (please skip the nose burner snifter balloons and use a proper glass).

The house insignia is imprinted on the shoulder of this stylish brandy or Armagnac bottle, which has a gently sloped shoulder and a narrowing bottom in a good grade of french crystal type glass.

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