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Benromach Organic 70cl (Old Bottling)
Benromach Organic 70cl (Old Bottling)
Benromach Organic 70cl (Old Bottling)

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Spirit Type: Scotland Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 43%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Note: Old Bottling. Cork breakage on buyer's risk.


Benromach Organic 70cl (Old Bottling) refers to a specific edition of Benromach Organic single malt whisky that was released in the past. Benromach is a renowned distillery located in Forres, Scotland, known for its traditional production methods and commitment to using organic ingredients.

As for the "Old Bottling" reference, it suggests that this edition of Benromach Organic is no longer part of the current release lineup. Whisky expressions can undergo changes over time, including packaging, labeling, and formulations, so the "Old Bottling" designation indicates that this particular version is from a previous release or era.

To gather more specific information about the characteristics, flavor profile, and availability of the Benromach Organic 70cl (Old Bottling), I recommend reaching out to Benromach directly or consulting reputable whisky retailers who may have knowledge of past releases from the distillery.

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