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Bacardi Gold Rum 75cl
Bacardi Gold Rum 75cl
Bacardi Gold Rum 75cl
Bacardi Gold Rum 75cl

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Bacardi Gold Rum is a glorious invention of Maestros de Ron Bacardí, which is manufactured in Puerto Rico. Here it is distilled from fermented molasses and then filtered through charcoal. Afterwards, it is left to mellow in American white oak barrels for one to two years. It is then blended after mellowing. And unlike other Bacardi Rums, it is filtered only for a single time.

The official logo of Bacardi is a fruit bat, which may be dated back to 1862. Its founder saw fruit bats sitting on the beam of a building and bought the same to make the building his distillery. Since bats are considered a good omen in Cuba, so he embellished his Rum bottles with them ever since.

Bacardi Gold feels light. There are notes of oak in there and some sort of harshness that might be due to the charcoal which filters the rum. That’s why, it is usually not recommended for sipping. The texture is quite thin and the flavors of the tropical fruits used are mild. This is the reason it is recommended for mixing with other drinks, which makes it more serviceable.

This drink brings more profundity and temperament to classic rum cocktails like Cuba Libre, the heart of cocktail lovers. It entails a smooth finish to this cocktail and makes other drinks very passionate to drink as well, like Daiquiri or Mojito. This doesn’t hurt the pocket, makes a good drink, and does the job at full capacity.

The best part is? This rum is ubiquitous, it can be found in every nook and cranny of the world. And unlike most of the other budget brands, it does not have added sugars, it doesn’t rely on artificial flavors after distillation, and it is not a spiced rum! So if you need a drink for your party, get-together, or other celebrations, you know what to look for now!

It is light golden amber in color. Since the rum is relatively young and filtered with charcoal, the color may be due to the caramel coloring added to provide a steady shade and tincture.

Light and pleasant notes of pineapple, toffee, and hints of oak, along with a fair amount of alcohol. The taste is mild, with vanilla and light tropical fruit notes like pineapple, banana, coconut, and others. There is a slight harshness and bitterness, which is a result of the charcoal used in filtration or from inadequate mellowing—Bacardí Gold is less than two years old. It has a bitter finish, with the oak and char sticking around in the back of the throat after the sweeter flavors have gone.

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