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Aultmore 12 Year Old 70cl
Aultmore 12 Year Old 70cl
Aultmore 12 Year Old 70cl
Aultmore 12 Year Old 70cl
Aultmore 12 Year Old 70cl

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Continuing their excellence to modern times, Aultmore malts are one of just a few single malts rated ‘Top Class’ by industry experts...

Spirit Type: Single Malt

Country: Scotland

ABV: 46%

Bottle size: 70cl


Aultmore is a Speyside distillery located in Keith, Banffshire and established in 1895 by Alexander Edward, who then became the landlord of the Benrinnes distillery. The distillery has had a tumultuous primary history, moving owners frequently and shutting down on numerous occasions. Then in 1998, things were more steady, and Dewars took over the distillery.

In recent times Bacardi, the parent company of Dewars, decided to release some of the elements of the whiskies created by the Dewars blends as single malts under the label of “The Last Great Malts.” It is the Aultmore of the Foggie Moss 12-Year-Old, bottled at 46% ABV. The color of the Aultmore 12 years old 70 cl is really beautiful as it has a white gold color.

If you want to know how it smells, then it has an aroma of light whiffs of honey, malty cereal, and a slight sense of vanilla crème. It begins out slightly sweet, much similar to a white wine which you usually love to sip in the summer, then gets drier as the acidic sharpness kicks in. 

It mirrors the mouthfeel, which begins with a silky smooth texture before instantly turning dry and a little astringent. Every additional sip carries other essences to the fore, essentially a dash of cantaloupe and the vanilla essence of the nose.

The finish of the Aultmore 12 years old 70 cl is stunning as it has the spiciness of the white pepper with a honeyed sweetness and long-lasting texture. 

If you add water, it will bring down the smoothness as well as up the hotness of its release. It is as if water gets rid of the middle from whisky while emphasizing the pepperiness of the finish.

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