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Arran Malt Sauterness Finish Cask Single Malt Whisky 70cl

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Spirit Type: Single Malt

Country: Scotland

ABV: 50%

Bottle size: 70cl


Arran malt is a relatively new arrival to the hallowed halls of single-malt scotch. Still, it has now been around long enough to turn up its metaphoric aroma at the creation of product manufacturers riding the wave of fame that whisky is presently appreciating worldwide. 

After all, Arran was established in 1995, when you could still buy Macallan 18 for under $80, and Pappy Van Winkle bottles composed dust on liquor store shelves. 

The product's aroma has a deep, dripping honeycomb (wax); an intense plume of honey, and natural wax candles meet the smell. If you think about the fragrance deeper in the glass, it has a dense base of cakey shortbread and banana custard. 

Mysteriously, despite all the sweet delights, the scent isn't excessively sweet or cloying. Finally, the glass discloses some fresh green kiwis and bananas—an attractive aroma.

Talking about the taste, it has medium-bodied, slightly syrupy flavors. That gives a modest tongue-burn that withdraws slowly: cinnamon candies, honey in several forms, and coconut extract in its wake. Sugar cookies, golden raisins (sultanas), and lemon curd on scones round out the taste.

The finish of the product is somewhat short yet warming. To begin with, a burst of white wine reduction gives a nice balance of sweet and sour, but it is soon substituted with a dash of bitter burnt caramel, barrel char, and grape skins (though without much tannin). The taste of the product fades away instantly with a slight crankiness.

Overall, it has been seen that you could sniff it all day long. The taste comes across as a little hot, even for 50% ABV. However, it does accomplish the promise of the aroma with honey as well as bakery goods and soft dried fruits. 



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