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Tomatin Contrast - Bourbon & Sherry Cask 35cl x 2

Tomatin Contrast - Bourbon & Sherry Cask 35cl x 2


Spirit Type: Single Malt

Country: Scotland

ABV: 46%

Bottle size: 35cl each

The Tomatin Contrast is a very interesting release from the Tomatin Distillery, offering you the chance to compare 2 different barrel types. According to Tomatin Distillery Manager Graham Eunson, "70% of the final flavour of Scotch Whisky is derived from the cask it was matured in."

Well with the Contrast, Tomatin wanted to directly compare the effect of maturing different casks with the exact same whisky and let you taste the results by comparing each other side by side.

For each vatting they used casks from the same vintages: 1973, 1977, 1988, 1991, 2002 and 2006. All of them in equal measure. So they used just as much old whisky as they did young whisky.

For the first Vat, they matured them in ex-Bourbon casks, the other in ex-Sherry. Can the barrel really make that big of a difference? You be the judge

The Tomatin Contrast is a limited edition project with only 5,400 sets released globally. Each set features TWO Half Bottles (35cl) of single malt whisky in a nice gift box and is perfect for sharing with friends and tasting parties.

This is a SinglemaltPH Exclusive offering.

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