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Three Cents Tonic Water 20cl

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Three Cents Tonic Water

Product Type: Tonic Water
Country: Greece
Bottle Size: 200ml


Three Cents premium Greek mixers are inspired by late 19th-century soda fountain culture and craft production. Their tonic is produced by combining the finest spring water with a quality natural quinine with slight natural aromas to maintain the aromatic profile of each Gin. Three Cents tonics are suitable for long drinks and cocktails or enjoyed on their own. 

Made 100% natural, without preservatives, synthetic flavorings, or artificial colorings, Three Cents Aegean Tonic can add a Mediterranean character to any low alcohol cocktail. Try this artisanal tonic water with Gin, Campari tequila, or Greek mastiha liquor, and embrace the spirit and bliss of the Mediterranean.

Voted as the best spirit/ bar product at the Bar Convert at the Mixology Awards in Berlin.

Three Cents tonic remains bubbly for a more extended period, so your drink won't go flat if you prefer to sip it slowly. This was done by pumping carbon dioxide into the glass at high pressure.

The name Three Cents came from the Great Depression era when soda bars were in existence. At soda fountains, people would order plain carbonated water as "Two Cents Plain" as it was the cheapest drink one could get. When the flavored syrup was added, like vanilla, cherry, or sarsaparilla, the total cost would be Three Cents.

Fill a tall glass (or ideally a Copa Glass) with ice cubes and add your preferred Gin or another spirit (we particularly like this with Dingle Gin). Top up the glass (gently, so as not to lose the bubbles) with the tonic. Garnish with a lemon slice.



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