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Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur 1L
Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur 1L
Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur 1L
Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur 1L
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Spirit Type: Creamy Liqueur

Country: Ireland

ABV: 17%

Bottle Size: 1L


Molly's Irish cream is made in an earlier Baileys production facility. In the initial 1990s, Patsy McKevitt led an administration buyout of this facility and formed Terra LTD.  

A prior General Manager of R&J Emmet and a Senior person at Bailey's are a portion of the 20 plus years of experience he had endeavoring and producing Irish cream liqueurs. For years they sustained to exclusively supply a series of cream liqueurs for Baileys while all are together building up their contract trade.  

Today they endure manufacturing several brands for others while manufacturing three of their own. Encouraged by the mythical Irish muse at the heart of numerous Celtic poems and songs, Molly's is one of these products.  

Introduced in 2004, today we will review Molly's Original Irish Cream Liqueur. In the bottle, the aroma is a mix of chocolate and whiskey. Poured to medium constancy and chocolate milk color, the alcohol scent softens, and you can pick up intimations of coconut & cream.  

In the mouth, it feels smooth but not thick. As you put the glass down, a screen of caramel-colored Molly's glides gently to the bottom of the inside walls leaving a soft white cloud behind. The taste is chocolate ice cream followed by smooth Irish whiskey.  

While the cream is contemporary in the chocolate taste, It only tastes whiskey in the alcohol. As the whiskey disappears, you can pick up an intimation of coconut. Introduced by Molly's USA in Manhasset, New York, this is one Irish cream worth probing for.

Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur is an exceptional blend of fresh dairy cream, matured Irish Whiskey, fine Irish Spirits, and organic chocolate flavors. Molly's uses the newest possible, premier quality Irish cream, which is tracked down close by from grass-fed cows, and it is so fresh that it classically takes only 48 hours from cow to bottle. 

With an extensive history in cream liqueur blending and using state-of-the-art technology, Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur is perhaps the world's most delicate tasting Irish Cream Liqueur. Today, Molly's is relished in over 40 countries worldwide, spread through six continents.


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