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Glencairn Whisky Glass with SMPH Logo (1 pc)
Glencairn Whisky Glass with SMPH Logo (1 pc)
Glencairn Whisky Glass with SMPH Logo (1 pc)
Glencairn Whisky Glass with SMPH Logo (1 pc)
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The Glencairn Whisky Glass with SMPH Logo is a great gifting idea for a person who is fond of whisky or bourbon. The person can be your special client or customer, your boss or colleague, your acquaintance, or your whisky partner. Literally, this revolutionary whisky glass is the best fit for anyone who wants to savor the taste of fine blended whisky or bourbon.

Each drink has its glass- be it wine, champagne, beer, brandy, and what not. But this one of the most complex drinks didn’t have any special glass until Raymond Davidson solved the issue almost 25 years ago. He surveyed distillers from the then top 5 whisky brands and appropriated the perfect whisky glass with their suggestions.

A typical Glencairn Whisky Glass is around 2.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall and can detain 6.5 oz of whisky into it. With this much of quantity, you can easily swirl the whisky in the glass and see your whisky dance and play in the glass. It lets you feel the aroma of your drink and appreciate it to the fullest.

This wide crystal glass gives a see-through to the whiskey’s texture and makes you appreciate its color even more. The solid base makes it considered as a robust vessel suitable for an informed drinker who likes jovial drinking.

If you are going to drink any of your Single Malt Whisky, Irish Whisky, or any of your single barrel bourbons, then no glass can be better than this one.

So what are you waiting for? Pour your favorite Whisky into Glencairn Whisky Glass with SMPH Logo and make your party more fun and gorgeous!

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