Drambox Flavors of Japanese Whisky Tasting Set

Drambox Flavors of Japanese Whisky Tasting Set

Kampai! The Japanese whisky market has seen a boom like no other in the recent years, and their popularity is very well deserved.  From its humble beginnings less than 100years ago, to its current rise in demand, this kit will take you through a journey of what makes their whiskies stand out. 

Starting with the award winning Hibiki, then with what we would call Japanese spirit, then a pure malt blend and ending with a single malt, this kit has the range and distinct flavors that make this experience worthwhile.

Tasting Range:

  • Hibiki Harmony
    ABV: 43% 
  • Yamazakura New Born
    ABV: 62.2% 
  • Yamazakura Pure Malt
    ABV: 48% 
  • Hakushu Distillers Reserve
    ABV: 43% 

Bottle Size: 3cl each