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Happy Father's Day

Chivas Regal XV with FREE 2 Rock Glasses 70cl
Chivas Regal XV with FREE 2 Rock Glasses 70cl
Chivas Regal XV with FREE 2 Rock Glasses 70cl
Chivas Regal XV with FREE 2 Rock Glasses 70cl

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Slowly but surely, Chivas Regal is rolling out some new whiskies that, up until recently, were only sold in the travel retail sector. The brand-new Chivas Regal XV is one of them.

The new Chivas Regal XV, according to Pernod Ricard, the company that owns Chivas, was created for those times of celebration. Due to this, this bottle may come in two different editions, one of which is entirely golden. The new Chivas Regal XV is likewise a "disruption in the Scotch category, born to defy norms," according to Pernod Ricard. With all these terms, they are exploring new approaches to reach a more modern audience (maybe a Millennial pitch?).

When they advertise a wide variety of services for the new Chivas Regal XV, ranging from shots to cocktails, you know they are more concerned with marketing than the actual product. Whisky can be aged or finished in cognac barrels; this is neither innovative nor disruptive.

Although it is not yet commonly used (yet), using limousin oak barrels in the creation of cognac is not entirely new, and some whisky manufacturers are now paying more attention to this practice.

Chivas Regal XV is a Chivas blend that has matured for at least 15 years. The whisky was matured in Grande Champagne cognac barrels to mimic the traditional Chivas Regal flavor. When it is bottled, it has an ABV of 80o. The glass on Chivas Regal has a coppery tint, probably as a result of added color. It has a long tear.

It features the customary mild and sweet Chivas Regal nose. Some oak and barley flavors mix with a fruity undertone. There are aromas of peach and sultana, as well as notes of orange marmalade.

Chivas Regal XV has a delicate flavor with roasted notes. It starts out pretty sweet with caramel, butter biscuits, and a hint of grain. It is followed by notes of red apples, giving it a fruitier side. Short, sweet, and with a very slight sense of spice, the aftertaste is pleasant.

The most exciting of Chivas Regal's most recent releases is, in my opinion, this new Chivas Regal XV. The whisky is significantly altered by the use of the cognac barrel, which also alters the brand's perception.

This whisky will definitely be exciting for both Chivas enthusiasts and those who are new to the world of whisky. It will be a beautiful dessert after a lovely family dinner. It's a truly fantastic whisky, yet, like Chivas Regal Mizunara, I think it's missing something.

The Chivas Regal XV sits between the Chivas Regal Extra as well as the Chivas Regal Mizunara in the entry-level portfolio. While it retails for roughly €45 in Europe, it costs £45 in the UK.

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